Our Winemaking Philosophy is very simple.

Our winemaking is about respecting the fruit, allowing wild yeasts to ferment the wines with no other additions.


When it comes to the wines, it is a team effort. All of the hand work done on our sites is done by the family. Harvest is a joint operation with growers and their children as we try to capture the special ambience of each site.

Our Wines

Thistle Hill 2019


“Really lovely wine with a captivating bouquet of ripe yellow and white-fleshed stone fruit, ripe citrus, and a distinctive core of minerality…. A lovely wine, a real Sauvignon Blanc that speaks of the place first, variety second, and lastly – deliciousness…”


94 Points

Cameron Douglas MS

Cuvée Forte 2019


I thought I had found my Sauvignon Blanc of the year……  this is my “Kiwi Wine of the Year” and it will probably hold that title into 2021 too. It is so good that the Loire will have to raise its collective game to compete, I never thought I would write this! Chapeau Mike and Family Eaton – Eaton is THE Marlborough name to follow in 2021.



Matthew Jukes

Awatere Sauvignon Blanc 2019


“An enticing bouquet with aromas of salty air, savoury dried herbs and a core of fruit. Complex and enticing. On the palate – crisp, salty, tense, refreshing, fruity and dry. Flavours of grapefruit and peach, apple and quince…”


94 Points

– Cameron Douglas MS

Grüner Veltliner 2020


“…Aromas and flavours of savoury white spices, grapefruit peel, white pineapple, lemon and leesy autolysis residues… An excellent aperitif expression and a perfect introduction to Grüner…”

93 Points

– Cameron Douglas MS

Field Crafted Aromatic Blend 2020


“A field blend of Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris, a natural ferment then bottled un-fined and unfiltered… Flavours of spice and flowers reflect the Gewurz’ while the white-fleshed stone fruits and apple mirror Pinot Gris. Crisp, refreshing and dry with a mealy texture from the unfiltered technique…”

92 Points

– Cameron Douglas MS

Raupo Chardonnay 2020


“Aromas of Brazil and Cashew nut, baked stone fruits, lees, and peaches… a full-bodied, rich core of flavors that reflect the stone fruit, nut, and oak profile. Fine wood tannins, medium+ ish acidity, baked apple, preserved lemon, and warming alcohol combine to lead the taster to a very satisfactory finish…”

93 Points

– Cameron Douglas MS

Breezemere Sauvignon Blanc 2020


“Fermented and aged in French oak barrels, although the wine retains zesty varietal character with punchy fruit and assertive acidity. Contact with oak and yeast lees has given it an appealing textural richness. Unfined and unfiltered. Best decanted.”

93 Points

– Bob Campbell MW

Cuvée Forte 2020


“In addition to some extended skin contact – this wine also underwent natural fermentation, has been barrel-aged and was bottled unfined and unfiltered. Aromas and flavours of a complex yet familiar bouquet of citrus and peach, gentle barrel complexity with a touch of spice… Different – yes, Delicious – definitely…”

94 Points

– Cameron Douglas MS

Our Process

  1. Harvesting
  2. Pressing
  3. Fermentation
  4. Aging
  5. Settling and Bottling

Having found the great sites, the winemaking begins in the vineyard.

Once we decide the fruit is at its best, it is all hands on deck. As a family it is a joint effort to harvest all the fruit by hand. This allows us to control every aspect of the harvest. Fruit is carefully selected and is then transported to the winery in fully insulated bins as whole bunches.

Our winemaking process reflects the simple but ancient practices of making wine without the use of chemistry and additives.

This careful management allows us to use no Sulphur additives at any time during fermentation. Some bunches will be selected to be pressed as whole bunches and some will be crushed to give some skin contact to the juice before being pressed in our basket press.

Once pressed the juice is carefully transferred to barrel where it is allowed to begin a natural fermentation without any additives.


The healthy grapes have their own wild or native yeasts that will allow the juice to ferment naturally if allowed to do so. We allow this natural process to take place over several weeks until the juice has fermented into wine.

Most of our wines are aged in barrels ranging in size from 600L to 225L. Some of these Cigar shaped barrels are specially imported from France to give the signature to our Fortissimo Sauvignon Blanc. The wine will rest in the barrel for 8-11 months gaining complexity.

Up to this point we have not made any additions to our wines. If the wines need to have a small addition of Sulphur we will do so at this point. We select from the various barrels the parcels we want for each wine and blends are assembled in tank. We then assemble and leave the wines to “marry” as all the complex parts come together.

Instead of filtering the wines, we allow them to settle naturally, before bottling the wines on-site, undisturbed and unfiltered.

Buy our Wines

As well as being available to order online from our Shopify Store which you find a link to bellow. You can also find many of our Wines at selected wine bars and restaurants.

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